The best products on request for yacht provisioning in La Ciotat

Since 2005, we have specialized in yacht and super yacht delivery in La Ciotat (south of France). We deliver all types of food products on request, directly to the shipyards of La Ciotat.

We guarantee an immediate management of your orders, and a delivery within 72 hours maximum.
This is possible because we are the only intermediate between our partners and you, and we master the process of ordering, preparation and delivery : all the products are packaged, cleanly and surely packed, and can be vacuum packed on request.

Today, thanks to our presence in « Marché des Halles », our covered market in La Ciotat, you will be able to enjoy high quality products : our fresh fish (prepared, proportioned, threaded), shellfish and crustaceans, meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and champagnes, farm cheeses, and other delicatessen products from our market partners.

Yacht delivery experienced professionals

Because quality is our top priority, we have gathered with several artisans-merchants who also share this love for beautiful products, in our covered market in La Ciotat. All oh their products are available for yacht provisioning.
Allow us to introduce ourselves.

The Fishmonger

Because we go fishing everyday, we can guarantee you the freshness and variety of our catch. We have a great knowledge of the coastline and know how to select species to supply products according to needs.
We take great care of our crustacean in our breeding pond to ensure their freshness and quality.
All our products can be prepared vacuum packed for yacht provisioning.

The Butcher

He has made the selection of his meats a priority to ensure you the best quality. All cuttings as well as our deli products are prepared on site by our prefessionnal and passionate staff.
Equiped with a meat hanging room, the boucherie des halles offers you a wide range of carefully selected, mature and tasteful meat.
All meat can be delivered vacuum packed.

The Wine Merchant

With his great experience and a perfect knowledge of wine and spirits, his advice are always really accurate.
He offers more than a thousand references, among them around fifty are organic wines, and his selections are always wines his heart goes to.
Equiped with an ageing cellar, the Grand Cru and Champagne are perfectly stored.

The Greengrocer

He works mainly with local farmers to guarantee the quality of his seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Nevertheless, to meet the needs, he can get supplied with worldwide grocery, keeping special care to the quality and origin of the products.

The Cheesemonger

Thanks to a precise knowledge of cheese-making process, the cheesemonger perfectly knows each chease she sells.
Inside the maturing cellar, cheeses can carry on their maturing process to give you the best quality and perfect taste.

The Baker

The baker daily prepared his bread on site to ensure its freshness.
Either traditional, usual or organic, bread is made with passion and raw products are carefully selected.
Tasteful gourmet pastries are also made on site.

The Coffee monger

The coffee monger offers a wide variety of beans or milled coffee. He also sells teas, only selected for their quality.
Wholesale or retail selling, the coffee monger will deliver you his best aroma.

The Chocolate seller

Offering a varied but precise range of chocolate, the chocolate seller likes taking care of food lovers’ palate.
Usual and bygone days candies are rigourously selected for tastes and memories to match.

The Florist

The florist creates elegant and creative hand-tied bouquets and makes sure each arrangement gets a special and unique appearance.
She has a strong knowledge of plants and their needs.

High quality food products

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